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EP 0978325 A1 20000209 - Method and device for providing a printed, self-adhesive foil

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Method and device for providing a printed, self-adhesive foil

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung einer bedruckten selbstklebenden Folie

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Procédé et dispositif pour la fabrication d'un film imprimé et auto-collant


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A method and device are described for providing printed, self-adhesive foil (17). As starting material, use is made of non-printed self-adhesive foil (12), comprising a foil (12) with a first main surface (13) and a second main surface (15), wherein an adhesive material (14) has been applied on the first main surface (13). On the second main surface (15), the ink, paint, paste or the like (26) of the text and/or image to be applied, is applied. After the ink or the like (26) has dried, a finishing coating (41) is applied over it. The finishing coating is comprised of a thin, substantially transparent layer of a suitably chosen material to which the glue layer (14) will adhere hardly or not at all. By this, it is achieved that when winding the foil, the glue layer (14) can not contact the ink (26) such that the ink (26) will not be damaged when unwinding. The finishing coating is applied by a roll (410), the rotational speed of which is driven in accordance with the speed of passing foil. <IMAGE>

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