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Machine for packaging articles into relative boxes

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Maschine zum Verpacken von Artikeln in Schachteln

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Machine pour emballer des articles dans des boîtes


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A packaging machine includes a line (1) for conveying boxes (10) in which articles are to be packed and a line (32) for feeding informative sheets (3) to be associated to the articles. The feeding line (32) is equipped with a plurality of pliers means (34) for holding the informative sheets (3) during their transport. A tab folding group (4) co-operates with a stationary edge (5) situated longitudinally to the conveying line (1), to fold transversal inner tabs (10a,10b) of said boxes (10). A flap closing group (6) co-operates with a second folding member (7) to close the flap (10c) of the boxes (10), overlapping the tabs (10a,10b) while in closing position. The flap closing group (6) includes abutment means (86) moving longitudinally to the conveying line (1) between an active position, in which the abutment means face the box (10) to be closed and a rest position. The first folding member (7) moves substantially perpendicular to the conveying line (1) and is aimed at bringing the flap (10c) closing the box (10) near the abutment means (86). A third folding member (72) acts in time relation to fold a wing (10d) of the flap (10c) against the abutment means (86). Then, pushing means (74) close the flap (10c) after the abutment means (86) had moved to the rest position. <IMAGE>

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