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Ink compositions containing an ammonium carboxylate salt

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Ammoniumcarboxylatsalz enthaltende Tintenzusammensetzungen

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Compositions d'encres contenant un sel de type carboxylate d'ammonium


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EP 98305632 A 19980715

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Ink compositions are described comprising a combination of an ammonium carboxylate salt or salts and one or more surfactants, preferably non-ionic ethoxylated surfactants, hydroxylated or alkoxylated acetylenic polyethylene oxide surfactants, or anionic phosphate esters. The ink compositions substantially prevent thermally-induced phase separation up to about 60 DEG C and, more preferably, up to about 70 DEG C. The ink compositions also are relatively non-toxic, resist the tendency to decel at high frequency print rates, and furthermore provide superior light fastness, edge acuity, and water fastness when printed on conventional or special media. The described ink compositions are particularly suitable for color ink-jet printing over a wide range of print media.

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