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Low profile electrical connector for flat circuits

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Elektrischer Kleinprofilverbinder für Flachstromkreise

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Connecteur électrique à profil compact pour circuits plats


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An electrical connector (1) is provided for flat circuits. The connector includes a low profile housing (3) having a bottom face (3a) and a front end (9). The front end has an elongated opening (5) for receiving an end of a flat circuit inserted into the opening in a direction generally parallel to the bottom face (3a). A plurality of mounting recesses (11) are provided in the bottom face (3a) spaced longitudinally along the opening. A plurality of terminals (4) are mounted through the bottom face (3a) of the housing and include mounting sections (21) inserted into the mounting recesses (11). The terminals include contact sections (17) for engagement with appropriate conductors of the flat circuit at the opening. <IMAGE>

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