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Method to stop an electric motor and circuit to break it

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Verfahren zum Stillsetzen eines elektrischen Antriebsmotors und Bremsschaltung

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Méthode pour arrêter un moteur électrique et circuit pour le freiner


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At a bobbin winding station, to stop the electric drive motor (13) for the grooved drum (10) to give the reciprocating yarn guide movement, the motor is fed with a braking current in the opposite direction to the nominal current supply. The generated heat loading on the motor (13) is measured, and the strength of the braking current is varied (14) according to the motor (13) heat. The actual heat loading on the motor is measured by the current loading of the motor over the time. Stepped values for the braking current are used, each for a thermal loading range. An Independent claim is included for a motor braking circuit with a monitor to register the actual motor (13) heat. A unit (14) selects the braking current to be used for a braking action, according to the measured motor heat level. Preferred Features: The braking current control (14) has stored data for current values related to heat levels, and a system to select the required braking current according to the measured motor heat. The motor heat levels are stored in the database in stepped value, where each heat range is associated with a braking current strength.

Abstract (de)

Bei einem Verfahren zum Stillsetzen eines elektrischen Antriebsmotors, insbesondere eines Antriebsmotors (13) zum Antreiben einer Nutentrommel (10) einer Spulstelle einer Spulmaschine, der zum Bremsen gegensinnig zu einem Nennstrom mit einer Bremsstrom beaufschlagt wird, wird vorgesehen, daß die momentane thermische Belastung des Antriebsmotors (13) erfaßt und die Stärke des Bremsstroms abhängig von dieser thermischen Belastung des Antriebsmotors (13) ausgewählt wird (14). <IMAGE>

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