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Take-up winding device

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Dispositif d'enroulement


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To reliably detect yarn that is wound around a contact roller a take-up winding device for winding up a yarn Y that contacts a contact roller 4 onto a bobbin holder 3 is provided with a light projector 6a and a light receiver 6b that form part of an optical detecting device 6. A yarn detection light beam L passes through the vicinity of the outer circumferential surface 4a of the contact roller 4. The light projector 6a and the light receiver 6b are provided on a side A, which constitutes an open area. The light projector 6a and the light receiver 6b are located in areas where accompanying air flow generated due to the rotation of the contact roller passes through. A lap feeler 10 comprising a detecting member 11 that arranges its tip 11a close to the contact roller's outer circumferential surface 4a is provided. <IMAGE>

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