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Thermal transfer sheet for printing images with metallic lustre

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Thermische Übertragungsschicht für das Erzeugen von Bildern mit metallischem Glanz

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Feuille pour l'impression par transfert thermique d'images ayant un lustre métallique


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Abstract (en)

A thermal transfer recording medium for forming a printed image with metallic luster of high level with superior transferability according to a thermal transfer mechanism is disclosed which comprises a foundation, and provided on one side of the foundation, a laminate transfer layer comprising at least a release layer, a heat-resistant layer for metal deposition, a metal deposition layer and an adhesive layer in this order from the foundation side, the release layer having a thickness of 0.05 to 0.50 mu m and a softening point not lower than 100 DEG C, the peel strength of the laminate transfer layer from the foundation according to T-mode peeling being not larger than 50 gf/12.7 mm.

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