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Apparatus and method for controlling fuel injection in internal combustion engine

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Kraftstoffeinspritzsteuervorrichtung und -Verfahren für eine Brennkraftmaschine

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Dispositif et méthode de commande d'injection de carburant pour moteur à combustion interne


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An apparatus and a method for controlling fuel injection in an internal combustion engine (1) for preventing torsional vibrations of the engine without deteriorating the acceleration performance is disclosed. The apparatus is provided with a control unit (an ECU) (30) for controlling a fuel injection quantity for the diesel engine (1) of a vehicle (10). The ECU (30) calculates the change rate DELTA NE of engine revolutions in accordance with an input from a crank angle sensor (35) and subtracts a value obtained by smoothing a variation component of DELTA NE from the DELTA NE so as to extract a torsional vibration component thereof. Moreover, the ECU (30) corrects the fuel injection quantity of the engine to reduce the torsional vibration component. Since the extracted torsional vibration component does not contain steady change in the revolutions during acceleration or the like, the steady change in the revolutions caused only by the acceleration is not affected by the correction of the fuel injection quantity. Therefore, deterioration in the acceleration performance caused by prevention of the torsional vibrations can be prevented. <IMAGE>

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