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Electrical connection box

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Elektrisches Verbindungsgehäuse

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Boîtier de connexion électrique


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The electrical connection box is composed of a lower case (12) and an upper case (13), and contains a multi-layer bus bar (14) and a plurality of insulating plates (15) for insulating the bus bar layers from one another. The insulating plates (15) are made of heat-resistant synthetic resin materials such as a nylon alloy. The upper case (13) is provided integrally with a first connecting receptacle (16) for engaging with the connectors. The insulating plate (15) located uppermost is provided integrally with a second connecting receptacle (17) for engaging with the box-type fuses. The second connecting receptacle (17) comprises wall sections (19), and a base section (21) which includes through holes (23 and 24), through which bus bars (14) are passed and raised, so as to form male terminals (25). The wall sections (19) and the base section (21) are provided integrally with the insulating plate (15). The electrical connection box is put in use by engaging the male terminals (25) of second connecting receptacle (17) with the female terminals of box-type fuses. The electrical connection box is highly heat resistant and constructed at low costs. <IMAGE>

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