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Shed-forming mechanism for jacquard machines

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Fachbildungsmechanismus für Jacquardmaschinen

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Mécanisme de formation de la foule pour machines Jacquard


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The invention relates to a shed-forming mechanism for a jacquard machine, such as namely a three or multiple-position open-shed jacquard machine, which comprises: hook elements (1,2) serving for lifting the warp threads of a weaving device, provided with one or more elastic selection elements (3-6), such as namely spring elements with at least two spring legs, one or more sets of upward and downward moving knives (7-10) on to which the hook elements (1,2) can hook on, and selector means (St,Sm) which can act on the elastic selection elements (3-6) in order selectively to allow the hook elements (1,2) to hook on to the knives (7-10) or not, whereby the selector means (St,Sm) for acting on the elastic selection elements (3-6) consist of push selectors, such as namely mechanical, electromechanical or piezoelectric push selectors. <IMAGE>

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