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EP 0985620 A3 2000-04-12 - Yarn feeding apparatus for textile machines

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Yarn feeding apparatus for textile machines

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Fadenliefergerät für Textilmaschinen

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Appareil d'alimentation de fil pour machines textiles


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[origin: EP0985620A2] The yarn feed apparatus (1) at a textile machine, to give a positive yarn (2) feed, has a yarn feed wheel (17) on a carrier (4) which rotates round an axis (D) through a rotary drive (18). The wheel (17) has a yarn entry zone, yarn storage zone (26) and a yarn exit zone (36). The yarn exit zone (36) has a circular cross section. The cross section of the yarn storage zone (26) deviates from a concentric circle round the axis (D), at least in sections. The yarn entry zone has a solid surface, forming a concentric circle round the axis (D) at each point. The entry zone surface has a conical tapering towards the yarn storage zone (26) with the conical surface at an angle of ≥ 60 degrees to the axis (D) and preferably 75 degrees . The yarn exit zone (36) has a closed surface, forming a concentric circle to the axis (D) at each point, as an expanding cone away from the storage zone (26). Or the surface can be a curved surface on a torus with a curvature radius smaller than the radius of the feed wheel (17). The yarn storage zone (26), between the entry and exit (36) zones, has a solid surface with a polygon cross section concentric to the axis (D) at each point with straight edges or edges which are not straight. The cross section of the yarn storage zone (26) is defined radially outwards by preferably rounded laying sections, with the yarn storage zone (26) radially inwards between them as convex or concave curved or flat sections. The yarn delivery wheel (17) is in one piece with a shaft, wholly of ceramic, sapphire, quartz, a material with a diamond content, nitride or carbide. Or it has a basic body of metal and preferably aluminum. The metal body can be cladded with a coating containing oxygen and a component which differs from the material of the body. The yarn feed wheel (17) can have a wall at one end side with a center drilling for preferably a shaft to hold the wheel directly.

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