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Shielded cable connector and method for connecting a shielded cable to it

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Abgeschirmter Kabelstecker und Verfahren um daran ein abgeschirmtes Kabel zu verbinden

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Connecteur pour câble blindé et procédé pour la connexion d'un câble blindé à celui-ci


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In a method for connecting a connector to a shielded cable, the cable having a plurality of wires, a common shielding and an outer jacket, the wires and the shielding are exposed at one end of the cable. A first sleeve-like body is provided on the outer jacket near the exposed shielding and the exposed shielding is laid on the first body. A second sleeve-like body is mounted on the first body to thereby clamp the exposed shielding between both bodies. The exposed wires are connected to contacts accommodated in an insulating housing and the bodies are mounted in a chamber of first and second hood parts. The first body is mounted on the outer jacket by crimping an axial section of the first body at its end directed away from the exposed shielding, and the second body is provided with a conical part which is pressed on the first body while clamping the exposed shielding by mounting the bodies in the chamber of the hood parts. <IMAGE>

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