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Spark plug ignition coil assembly for direct ignition system

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Zündkerze-und-Spulensatz für direktes Zündsystem

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Ensemble de bobine et de bougie d'allumage pour système d'allumage intégré


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A spark plug and ignition coil assembly for a direct ignition system is provided. The assembly comprises a spark plug having an insulator, the insulator having a hollow upper end portion having at an outer periphery thereof a first joining section, an ignition coil, a rubber molding embedding therein the ignition coil so as to cooperate with the ignition coil to constitute an integral unit, the rubber molding having a hollow lower end portion in which the upper end portion of the insulator is fitted, the lower end portion of the rubber molding having at an inner periphery there of a second joining section joined with the first engagement section, and fastening means for fastening the first and second joining sections together. The fastening means comprises a projection provided to one of the first and second joining sections and a recess provided to the other of the first and second joining sections. <IMAGE>

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