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Key-controlled safety switch

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Interrupteur de sécurité à clé


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A key-controlled safety switch assembly includes a box-like case (2) anchorable to a fixed part of a protection or barrier of a machine or installation and provided with one or more slots (5), an actuating key (3) anchorable to a moving part of the protection and insertable in any of the slots (5). The case (2) contains internally thereof a safety electric circuit (6) for selectively closing/opening a general relais or a safety switch of the machine or installation on insertion/extraction of actuating key (3), locking parts (9) for selectively locking the actuating key (3) in the inserted position in a slot (5) until the dangerous parts of the machine or installation are moving, a detecting device (13) for detecting the position of the key (3) to allow closing of the safety switch (6). The detecting device (13) is exclusively of the electronic type acting from distance, and the key (3) is shaped so as to enter freely in the slot (5) with a minimal predetermined clearance (s). <IMAGE>

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