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A memonote includes a stack of writing sheets 32 and a base board 31. Each of the writing sheets 32 has a bottom side 321 with an adhesive layer 322 at a front portion thereof. The adhesive layer 322 is adhered removably to a lower adjacent one of the writing sheets 32. The base board 31 is disposed under the stack of writing sheets 32 and has a front end portion bonded to the front portion of a lowermost one of the writing sheets 32, and a rear edge opposite to the front end portion. The rear edge is formed with a notch 311. The base board 31 covers substantially the entire bottom surface of the lowermost one of the writing sheets 32 except for an area confronting with the notch 311. The notch 311 permits the writing sheets 32 to be handled easily. <IMAGE>

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