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Method for forming concrete piles in the ground

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Verfahren zum Herstellen eines Ortbetonpfahles im Boden

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Procédé pour la fabrication de pieux en béton dans le sol


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EP 98203265 A 19980924

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A method for installing concrete piles in the soil, wherein a hole is made in the soil by forcing a soil displacement head (11), fixed to a tubular rod (12), either by ramming or screwing into the soil thereby laterally displacing the soil over a distance larger than the diameter of the tubular rod (12) to form a cavity (13) around the tubular rod (12), at least the tubular rod (12) is withdrawn from the hole, and, when withdrawing the tubular rod, concrete is injected through this rod into the hole to form the concrete pile therein. In order to prevent contaminants, which may be present is a higher soil layer, from penetrating to deeper soil layers, a liquid material (18) is injected at the bottom in said cavity (13) to keep it filled therewith when screwing or ramming the soil displacement head into the soil. <IMAGE>

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