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Spark Plug and ignition system for use with internal combustion engine

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Zündkerze und Zündanordnung zur Anwendung in einem Verbrennungsmotor

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Bougie d'allumage et système d'allumage pour utilisation dans un moteur à combustion interne


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A spark plug (100) includes a spark portion (31, 32) of an Ir-based metal and a resistor (15) disposed between a center electrode (3) and a metallic terminal (13) and adapted to establish an electric resistance of not less than 10 k OMEGA , preferably not less than 15 k OMEGA , as measured between the center electrode (3) and the metallic terminal (13). Thus, even in a system in which an ignition coil (51) is connected directly to the spark plug (100) without use of a high tension cable, an electrical discharge with a relatively weak current, such as a glow discharge, can be maintained stably, so that even at high-speed or heavy-load operation, consumption of the spark portion (31, 32) caused by volatilization of Ir through oxidation can be suppressed, thereby extending spark plug life. <IMAGE>

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