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EP 0990626 A1 2000-04-05 - Polymer coated woven glass fabric and process for its production

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Polymer coated woven glass fabric and process for its production

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Kunststoffbeschichtetes Glas-Gittergewebe und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung

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Tissus de verre textile revêtu avec un polymère et procédé de production


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Coating a glass fiber netting with thermoplastic polymer comprises passing the netting through an immersion bath of molten thermoplastic material and then through a blower to clear the mesh openings followed by a hot mangle station before cooling and winding. The netting is a woven fabric, with glass filaments in the warps and wefts as glass yarns or rovings, in a thickness of 22-2400 tex. The glass filaments can also contain other synthetic or carbon fibers. The plastics coating is applied at a rate of 10-30 wt% of the total weight, in a structure which can form a film over the woven netting as a reinforced film material. Sand can be bonded partially into the cladding. An Independent claim is included for a production process where the woven netting (1) is immersed in a bath (3) of molten thermoplastic cladding material (4), and mangled (6,7) while hot. Preferred Features: The hot plastics cladding material can be applied from an extruder as a paste over the woven netting, with a scraper to remove any surplus cladding. The mesh openings can be cleared by an air blower (8), and preferably with hot air (9). The plastics cladding can also be applied to the woven netting as a powder, such as by an electronic adhesion coating process, to be melted in a furnace shaft or a heated tunnel. The coated netting is passed through a cooling stretch (10). The glass fiber material can be cladded with a thermoplastics before weaving into the netting fabric, so that the glass fibers bond together when passed between heated rollers. The glass fiber filaments can be cladded with the thermoplastics material through an extruder. Hot sand is scattered over the surface of the finished and cladded woven netting material.

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Kunststoffbeschichtetes Glas-Gittergewebe, insbesondere für die Putzarmierung oder als Geotextil, wobei das Beschichtungsmaterial thermoplastischer Kunststoff ist. <IMAGE>

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