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EP 0991300 A2 2000-04-05 - Positive temperature coefficient heater and production method thereof

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Positive temperature coefficient heater and production method thereof

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PTC Heizelement und Verfahren zur Herstellung

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Elément PTC et son procédé de fabrication


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A positive temperature coefficient heater produced by protecting the form of a definite pattern on an insulator having an aluminum thin film using an etching resist, after etching the portions unprotected with the above-described etching resist using an etching agent, removing the etching resist and the etching agent, and further printing a definite form using a carbon paste to connect electrode terminals to aluminum electrode layer in parallel. In the positive temperature coefficient heater of the present invention, as compared with using a conventional silver paste, there is almost no deviation of temperature, the production cost is greatly reduced, and further the production step is simplified, whereby when the positive temperature coefficient heater is attached to the inside of a side mirror of a motorcar, an excellent effect is shown in the removal of fogging, ice, etc. <IMAGE>

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