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[origin: WO9900050A1] This invention relates to the field of floor cleaning and floor treatment, and in particular relates to such activities carried out with use of a mop. Mops need to be frequently rinsed and charged with cleaning fluid and then pressed or wrung to remove excess fluid. The present application discloses a sieving arrangement for removing fluid from a mop comprising a mop stick (32) connected at a lower end thereof to a mop head (34), which sieving arrangement comprises a sieving surface against which the mop head may be pressed for removal of fluid and mop stick engagement means (35) configured and disposed to permit pivoting of the mop stick thereabout, the arrangement being such that a user may apply pressure against an upper end region of the mop stick in order to lever the mop head about said mop stick engagement means and against said sieving surface for the discharge of excess fluid in the mop head.

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