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EP 0992360 A2 2000-04-12 - Thermal dye transfer ribbon

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Thermal dye transfer ribbon

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Thermisches Farbstoffübertragungsband

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Ruban pour le transfert des colorants par la chaleur


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A thermal transfer ribbon for thermally transferring a preprinting layer onto a receptor with a poor surface smoothness in advance of formation of a printed image on the receptor is provided which comprises a foundation and at least a preprinting layer provided on the foundation, the preprinting layer comprising a release layer, an intermediate layer and an adhesive layer stacked in this order from the foundation side, the intermediate layer having a melt viscosity of not less than 10<6> cps/160 DEG C, and the adhesive layer having a melt viscosity of 10<4> to 10<6> cps/160 DEG C.

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