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EP 0992692 A1 2000-04-12 - Fan including a duct for cooling the motor

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Fan including a duct for cooling the motor

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Lüfter mit Kühlkanal für den Motor

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Ventilateur avec canal de refroidissement pour le moteur


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The duct (3) includes an annular outer wall (10), defining internally an axial flow passage (11) and surrounding, in use, the rotor (4) of the motorized fan (2). Downstream of the motorized fan (2), the wall (10) is connected by a plurality of spokes (12) to a central support structure (13) to which the motor (8) of the motorized fan (2) is fixed. At least one spoke (12) is shaped so as to define a conduit (14) with a radially outer inlet aperture (15) acting to capture a portion of the air stream generated by the operation of the motorized fan (2), and a radially inner outlet aperture (16) facing the region occupied by the motor (8) of the motorized fan (2). <IMAGE>

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