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EP 0992740 A1 2000-04-12 - Elastomeric sealing gasket for cooking ovens

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Elastomeric sealing gasket for cooking ovens

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Dichtung aus Elastomer für Backofen

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Joint d'étancheité en élastomère pour four de cuisson


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An elastomeric sealing gasket particularly for cooking ovens, to be placed between a front edge of the oven and the door of the oven itself, comprising a continuous strip (1), provided with metal elements (2, 2'), having respective hooks (21, 21') for engagement in respective holes provided in the oven structure, in which said metal hooking elements (2, 2') comprise a base (20) provided with transverse notches (22), which engages in a longitudinal cavity (3) of the strip (1), and is subsequently bent in the case of hooking elements (2) placed at the corners of the gasket (10, 100, 200). <IMAGE>

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