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EP 0993069 A2 2000-04-12 - Surface mount circularly polarized wave antenna and communication apparatus using the same

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Surface mount circularly polarized wave antenna and communication apparatus using the same

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Oberflächenmontierte zirkularpolarisierte Antenne und Kommunikationsgerät mit einer derartigen Antenne

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Antenne à polarisation circulaire montable en surface et appareil de communication utilisant celle-ci


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The present invention provides a surface mount circularly polarized wave antenna (10) which includes a substrate (11) made of an insulation material and having a first main face, a second main face, and at least one side face elongating between the first main face and the second main face; a first ground electrode (12) disposed mainly on the first main face of the substrate; a radiation electrode (13) disposed mainly on the second main face; a feeding electrode (14) having a strip shape and so disposed as to elongate from the first main face side of the substrate, on one side face of the substrate, and toward the second main face side, one edge of the feeding electrode being positioned near to one side of the radiation electrode (13); a second ground electrode (15) disposed substantially on the whole of the side face of the substrate where the feeding electrode (14) is disposed, and in insulation from the feeding electrode (14) and in connection to the first ground electrode (12); and a degeneracy separation means (13a) provided in relation to the radiation electrode. <IMAGE>

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