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EP 0993085 A2 2000-04-12 - Electric wire grasping clamp

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Electric wire grasping clamp

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Greifzange für elektrische Kabel

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Pince de préhension de fils électriques


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There is provided a support block; one pair of grasping blocks which have sandwich faces for sandwiching an electric wire (W) between in a predetermined position and which are supported by the support block so as to be freely rotatable between the position for sandwiching the electric wire and at least a horizontal position; and grasping concave portions which are provided in the sandwich faces, and each of which has two contact faces coming into contact with outer periphery of the electric wire. An angle formed between one contact face located on a rotation center side in the grasping block when the grasping block is in a horizontal position state and a perpendicular line is set so as to be larger than an angle formed between the other contact face and the perpendicular line, and consequently the electric wire is located so as to have same axis height irrespective of a diameter of the electric wire. <IMAGE>

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