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EP 0995382 A1 2000-04-26 - Vibrating bouncer housing system

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Vibrating bouncer housing system

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Gehäusesystem für ein Betätigungselement für eine schwingende Wiege

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Système de logement pour dispositif à balancer les berceaux


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An infant bouncer seat system with an automatic vibrator to effect the soothing vibrating of the bouncer seat for comfort and entertainment including a tubular frame which defines the periphery of a generally horizontal base section with a front end and a back end and a generally vertical back section with an upper end and a lower end adjacent to the back of the base section and having downwardly extending legs for supporting the base section and the back section. Also included is a fabric cover which encompasses the base section and the back section for the retention of a child on the upper surface thereof. Additionally included is a vibrator housing positioned on the exposed portion of the frame. The housing has a flat upper part with a door for the receipt of a battery. The housing also has an enlarged lower part with a hollow housing therewithin for supporting the battery. A support aperture is formed laterally from edge to edge of the housing with cut-outs in the upper part and the lower housing part in mating relationship for receiving the frame. Aligned attachment apertures are located in the upper and lower housing parts adjacent to the front edge thereof for receipt of a bolt therethrough and through the apertures of the frame with a recess at the lower extent for receiving a nut matable with the bolt. Supplemental apertures extend upwardly from the lower housing part. Also included is a surface on the front portion of the lower housing part with a plurality of buttons having indicia thereon indicative of no power, low power and high power. Lastly included is a vibrator located within the housing electrically coupled with respect to the buttons and the battery whereby the depression of the first button will terminate power to the vibrator, depression of the second button will generate low power to the vibrator for low vibrations of the frame and seat and the depression of the third button will generate high power to the vibrator for rapid vibration of the frame and seat. <IMAGE>

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