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EP 0995486 A1 2000-04-26 - Apparatus for progressively dispensing product

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Apparatus for progressively dispensing product

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Vorrichtung zur fortschreitenden Abgabe von Produkten

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Appareil pour distribuer progressivement des produits


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Packaging comprises a ribbon (10) formed of two sheets (11,12) in face-to-face relationship sealed together at selected locations (13) to define a plurality of closed pockets (14) therebetween. Product (28) is retained in the pockets (14). The pockets (14) may be arranged in two or more lines (15, 16) extending in the longitudinal direction of the ribbon (10). The apparatus comprises guide means (26) for guiding the ribbon along a guide path (31) to a sheet peeling device (18). Sheet take-up means (21, 22) are carried in a ribbon store (23) having a space (33) for accommodating a supply (34) of the packaging ribbon (10). A drive device (25) is carried in a receiver (24) positioned below the sheet take-up means (21, 22). Product (28) dispensed from the packaging ribbon (10) falls into the receiver (24). The drive device (25) is releasably engageable with the sheet take-up means (21, 22) to enable the ribbon store (23) and the receiver (24) to be separated from each other. Controlled amounts of product are thereby dispensed in a convenient and an environmentally friendly manner. <IMAGE>

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