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EP 0995824 A1 2000-04-26 - Centrifugal spinning and winding machine

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Centrifugal spinning and winding machine

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Machine de bobinage et filage par extrusion centrifuge


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[origin: DE19802653A1] The assembly of centrifugal spinning stations with bobbin winders has a separate store section (4) at each workstation (1) between a number of centrifugal spinning stations (2) and the bobbin winder. It holds a number of bobbins (16) and bobbin carriers (11). The store section (4) allows a build-up, with at least one holding stretch (31) for the spun yarn cops (16) and at least one holding stretch (33) for the bobbin carriers (11). The centrifugal spinning stations (2) are on circular path, at a workstation (1), with at least one swing doffer. The grip unit, at the doffer, covers the spinner feed and winder delivery ends of the holding stretches (31,33). The bobbins (16) and empty sleeves (11) are moved on bobbin plates (18) at the store unit (4). Each workstation (1) has a number of centrifuge spinning stations (2) next to each other in a row, each with a single doffer (30) at a lateral transport stretch (29) which links the two holding stretches (31,33). Or a doffer moves along rails between the spinning stations (2) and the bobbin winder, with doffing units on the trolley, or a single static doffer which serves a transport system for loading and unloading. A moving doffer can also travel along the line of spinning stations (2), working with the lateral transport stretch (29) linking the two holding stretches (31,33).

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Die Erfindung betrifft eine Zentrifugenspinn-/Spulmaschine (23), mit einer Vielzahl von in Reihe angeordneten Arbeitssteilen (1). Die Arbeitssteilen (1) weisen jeweils mehrere autonome Zentrifugenspinnaggregate (2) sowie eine zugehörige Spuleinrichtung (5) auf. Erfindungsgemäß verfügt jede der Arbeitsstellen (1) der Zentritugenspinn-/Spulmaschine über eine arbeitsstelleneigene, zwischen Zentrifugenspinnaggregate (2) und Spuleinrichtung (5) eingeschaltete, vorzugsweise staufähige Speichereinrichtung (4), mit wenigstens einer Speicherstrecke (31) zum Bevorraten von Spinnkopsen (16) und wenigstens einer Wartestrecke (33) zum Bereithalten von Leerhülsen (11). <IMAGE>

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