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Apparatus for Improving LASIK flap adherence

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Vorrichtung zur verbesserten Adhäsion einer LASIK-Hornhautklappe

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Dispositif pour assurer l'adhérance amélioré d'un clapet cornéen à LASIK


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[origin: US6019754A] A method and apparatus, which provides improved conditioning and adherence of a resected corneal flap into its original position on the eye following the laser ablation step of LASIK vision correction surgery is disclosed. The method comprises resecting at least a portion of at least one of a person's eyes to expose an inner layer of said cornea, which is sculpted using radiation from a laser beam to produce a desired corneal topography. After the desired topography is achieved, the corneal flap is floated back into its proper position in a sterile solution and to remove any debris associated with the sculpting step from the patient's eye. After the corneal flap is repositioned, a flap drying apparatus is used to dry the repositioned corneal flap by applying filtered, compressed air at a flow rate substantially between zero and 2.5 liters per minute at an appropriate pressure to draw the sterile solution away from the corneal flap/inner corneal layer interface without disturbing the positioned or alignment of the repositioned corneal flap. An ophthalmic surgeon observes the corneal flap using a microscope while applying the filtered, compressed air to the corneal flap, for substantially between 15 and 30 seconds, paying particular attention to a gutter area surrounding corneal flap. The surgeon terminates the application of the filtered, compressed air when the gutter area is observed to be substantially dry.

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