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EP 0997232 A3 2000-11-22 - Clamping tool, especially a clamping clip, clamping rod or clamping bench

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Clamping tool, especially a clamping clip, clamping rod or clamping bench

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Spannwerkzeug, insbesondere Spannzwinge, Spannstock oder Spanntisch

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Outil de serrage, en particulier serre-joint, bloc de serrage ou table de serrage


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[origin: DE19731579A1] The invention relates to a clamping tool, especially a clamping clip with a clamping area between a first mobile clamping jaw (1) which rests at the end of a pull or slide rod and a fixed second clamping jaw (2) which rests on a housing. The inventive clamping tool also comprises a pivoting handle (10). Said handle (10) is located opposite the fixed clamping jaw (2) in relation to the longitudinal extension of the pull rod and next to a grip situated on the housing side. As the handle (10) is displaced against the grip, the pull rod is displaced progressively in such a way that the first mobile clamping jaw is moved towards the second fixed clamping jaw, any back pressure being locked. The clamping tool also has a release lever for releasing the back pressure lock. This release lever rests on the housing. In order to increase the scope of application of the inventive clamping clip, both the handle (10) and the release lever (15) are located on the side of the grip (33) facing away from the clamping area (1, 2), the lever transmission ratios are adjusted as the clamping force increases for smaller displacement paths and the mobile clamping jaw can be moved back progressively by operating the release lever (15).

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