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Die for manufacturing honeycomb bodies

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Strangpressmundstück zur Herstellung von Wabenkörpern

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Matrice d'extrusion pour la fabrication de corps en nid d'abeilles


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A die for manufacturing honeycomb bodies has a die main body (2) having batch supply holes (11) which are open at a backside surface of the die, slit channels (12) which communicate with the batch supply holes and are open at a foreside surface of the die and a taper portion (13) which is formed by working an outer peripheral portion of the foreside surface of the die in a taper manner. A control plate (3) is arranged opposed to the taper portion. Slit channel expanding portions (21) are formed at open ends of the slit channels existing in the taper portion in such a manner that the slit channel is expanded gradually toward the open end. The aim is to strengthen the outermost ribs of the honeycomb structure. <IMAGE>

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