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Yarn guide device

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Dispositif de guidage d'un fil


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The yarn guide system at a bobbin winder, to produce cross wound bobbins, has yarn guide wings (10,11) with separate drives. The drives are controlled so that the position of the yarn transfer points (A,B;A',B') can be adjusted according to the required movement stroke length (H,H'). The drives for the two yarn guide wings (10,11) are connected to a common control. The curve disk (12) is adjusted by a setting drive, which is linked to the control of the yarn guide wing drives. To shorten the movement stroke length (H,H'), the yarn guide wings (10,11) are decelerated during a working stroke, and accelerated during the idle stroke. The reduction and increase in the yarn guide wing speed is each during only a short phase, at the start and end of each working or idle stroke. During the remainder of the stroke movement, the yarn guide wings are powered according to the bobbin rotation. To produce a wound bobbin with angled end sides, the stroke length (H,H') is reduced continuously, with the required yarn wing guide (10,11) speeds stored in the control memory. The bobbin shaft has a separate drive, connected to the control for the yarn guide wing motors. The drive control sets the reciprocating movements of the yarn according to the bobbin rotation. The parameters for the different yarn windings are stored in the control memory as tables.

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Die Fadenführungsvorrichtung zum Aufspulen von Fäden zu Kreuzspulen weist zwei gegenläufig rotierbare, übereinander angeordneten Fadenführerflügel (10, 11) und eine Bogenscheibe (12) auf. Die Fadenführerflügel (10, 11) treten aus der Kontur (21) der Bogenscheibe (12) hervor und tauchen wieder in diese ein, wobei an den Eintauchpunkten (A, B; A', B') der Fadenführerflügel (10, 11) jeweils die Übergabe des Fadens erfolgt. Die Fadenführerflügel (10, 11) sind einzeln angetrieben und ihre Antriebe (16, 17) sind so steuerbar, dass die Orte der Fadenübergabepunkte (A, B; A', B') in Abhängigkeit vom gewünschten Hub (H, H') einstellbar sind. Die Antriebe der beiden Fadenführerflügel (10, 11) sind über eine gemeinsame Steuerung verbunden. <IMAGE>

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