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Corkscrew with height-adjustable supporting plate for the bottle

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Korkenzieher mit höhenverstellbarer Stützplatte fuer die Flasche

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Tire-bouchon avec plateau support de bouteille réglable en hauteur


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A bottle uncorking apparatus comprises: an uncorking unit (2) having a holding mouth (3) for the upper end of a bottle (4) provided with a cork (4a) to be pulled out, a guide bar (8) to be fixedly positioned relative to the uncorking unit (2) and close thereto, a base (17) , a slider (14) supporting said base (17) and slidable on the guide bar (8) parallelly of a trajectory (18) passing through the base (14) and the holding mouth (3), translation means (19) supported by the guide bar (8) and adapted to translate the slider (14) towards the holding mouth (3), and operating members (20) to be manually actuated against the action of the translation means (19) in a manner adapted to position the base (17) along said trajectory (18). <IMAGE>

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