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Pilot flame burner with atmospheric sensor

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Pilotflammenbrenner mit einem Luftdetektor

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Brûleur de flamme pilote avec un capteur d' atmosphère


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The pilot burner (1) with atmospheric sensor comprises a vertical tubular body (2), carried on a support plate (8), a safety thermocouple (9) and an ignition plug (10). The body (2) conveys a prior gas-air mixture from a mixing chamber (6) to a shapeable metal plate tube (7), forming an angled portion (7a) for orientation to a flat outlet faucet (11), which has a neck (17) in the middle to form two fluted parts (11a, 11b), generating two respective flame zones (15a, 15b) of a single divergent open flame, directed at the main burner and the thermocouple, respectively. There is a secondary air aperture (16) in the angled tube portion (7a) to generate and supply the flame (15). <IMAGE>

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