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Emergency breathing device

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Dispositif respiratoire d'urgence


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A combination outer clothing article and emergency breathing device includes a pocket in the clothing article for receiving the device body, an upper tube and mouthpiece extending from the device body to a releasable fastener on the clothing article, and an exhaust tube extending from the device body to a back side of the clothing article. The device body includes an inhalation chamber with a pair of inhalation valves. The inhalation chamber includes a perforated frame sheet, a quantity of porous stuffing material, and a filter bag that is substantially impermeable to snow yet allows for the free passage of air therethrough. The pair of inhalation valves provides redundancy and potentially makes inhaling easier than exhaling. Each of the valves include a design that has a valve flap that is displaced from the valve seat in the valve flap's rest position so that the valve flap is not likely to freeze against the valve seat due to moisture in the exhaled breath and the freezing temperatures that will be encountered in an avalanche. <IMAGE>

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