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Machine for decoring castings

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Vorrichtung zum Entkernen von Gussstücken

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Dispositif de débourrage de pièces coulées


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EP 98830686 A 19981116

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A machine for shaking-out foundry castings comprises a structure (2) for supporting the castings (G) to be shaken out, and vibrator means (8) associated with the support structure (2) for selectively vibrating the support structure (2). The support structure (2) comprises at least a first portion (2a) with associated fixing means (3, 4) for the castings (G) to be shaken out, and a second portion (2b) which is subject to the action of the vibrator means (8, 9). The first portion (2a) is supported (12) relative to the second portion (2b) as a vibrating system, and the vibrator means (8) are operable selectively (9, K) in order to bring about vibration of the second portion (2b) and vibration of the vibrating system (2a, 12) in conditions of substantial resonance. <IMAGE>

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