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Cylinder cleaning apparatus

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Vorrichtung zum Reinigen von Zylindern

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Dispositif pour nettoyer un cylindre.


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There is disclosed an apparatus for cleaning a plurality of cylinders each of which includes an outer surface. The apparatus comprises a cleaning unit (6) including a supply of cleaning fabric (16) installed thereon. The cleaning unit further includes a plurality of pressure pads (10;12) opposed to the outer surfaces of the cylinders respectively, at least one of the pressure pads being incorporated into the cleaning unit for reciprocatingly movement toward and away from the outer surface of the corresponding cylinder. A cleaning fabric is fed to the pressure pads from the supply of cleaning fabric (8). The apparatus further comprises actuating means for moving at least one of the pressure pads relatively to the cleaning unit so that the cleaning fabric is pressed against the outer surface of the corresponding cylinder and then released from being pressed by at least one of the pressure pads to clean the outer surface of the corresponding cylinder. <IMAGE>

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