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Production of lithographic printing plate support

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Herstellung eines Trägers einer Flachdruckplatte

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Fabrication d'un support pour plaque lithographique


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[origin: EP1000768A2] A process is provided for the manufacture of a support for a lithographic printing plate precursor, the process comprising graining at least one surface of a metallic substrate, applying an anodic layer to at least one grained surface of the substrate, and treating at least one grained and anodised surface of the substrate with an aqueous solution comprising a copolymer of acrylic acid and vinylphosphonic acid whilst applying a constant voltage or constant current. A method is also disclosed for the manufacture of lithographic printing plate precursors which provide plates showing good resistance to abrasion, corrosion, staining and scumming, both on development and on press. Additionally, the plates display excellent coating adhesion in image areas, together with very good exposure latitude and solvent resistance.

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