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Process and plant for the production of paper pulp

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Verfahren und Anlage zur Papierzellstoffherstellung

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Procédé et installation de production de pâtes à papier


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For the production of paper pulp, the wood sections (1) are cut into chips, to be mixed with an impregnation liquid (11). The mixture (10) is refined, to reduce the wood (1) into fibers. The impregnation is completed in a holding tank (4a,4b). Any metal parts in the wood material are removed by magnets. The wood chips are fed to the mixing tank (2) with the impregnation liquid (11). The final impregnation is effected in at least two holding tanks (4a,4b), charged alternately. The refined mixture (12) is directed to one or other of the two holding tanks (4a,4b) through the orientation of an intermediate tank (16). At the end of the impregnation, the liquid phase (14) is decanted for separation from the fiber phase (13) and separate the residual foreign matter. The fiber material (13) is dried, and the recovered liquid is recirculated for further use in impregnation. An Independent claim is included for a pulp production assembly with a tank (2) to mix the wood (1) with an impregnating liquid (11). At least one chopper (5) reduces the wood (1) to chips, upstream of the mixing tank (2). A refiner (3) takes the mixture (10), to convert the wood content into fibers. At least one holding tank (4a,4b) takes the refined mixture (12) for final impregnation. Preferred Features: At least one magnet unit (6) is upstream of the mixing tank (2), to remove foreign ferrous metal matter. At least one conveyor belt (7) carries the wood (1) to the mixing tank (2). At least two holding tanks (4a,4b) take the refined mixture (12), fed alternately through the orientation of an intermediate tank (16). A tank (17), to decant the mixture, is downstream of the holding tanks (4a,4b) to separate the fiber (13) and liquid (14) phases and the residual foreign bodies. The mixture (12) is carried between the different tanks by pumps (18) and channels (19), without valves or a risk of broaching the channels (19). The base of the decanting tank (17) carries a pump (20) to extract the liquid phase (14) and the residual decanted foreign bodies. The fiber phase (13) from the decanting tank (17) is pumped towards a dryer (22), to give dehydrated fibers (15) and recover liquid for return to the impregnation stages. The tanks (2,4a,4b,16,17) have internal continuous or intermitted mixers (23) to stir their contents.

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Procédé de production de pâtes utilisées comme matière première dans l'industrie du papier caractérisé par le fait qu'il comprend les étapes successives suivantes : on mélange le bois (1) avec un liquide d'imprégnation (11) ; on raffine le mélange (10) pour défibrer le bois (1) ; on finalise l'imprégnation en cuve de stockage (4a,4b). Le mélange préalable au raffinage réduisant l'énergie nécessaire au défibrage, et l'importante surface de contact entre le bois (1) et le liquide d'imprégnation (11) produite par le défibrage optimisant la finalisation de l'imprégnation, pour la fabrication d'une pâte avec de faibles consommations en énergie, en adjuvants et en eau. L'invention concerne également une installation mettant en oeuvre le procédé selon l'invention. Application dans le domaine de la fabrication de pâte à papier notamment à partir de bois recyclé. <IMAGE>

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