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Eave structure of a building, such as a house, comprising a roof gutter (6) with a front wall (7), a bottom wall (8) and a rear wall (9), in which the eave comprises the lower ends of a number of rafters (3) extending form the outer wall (2) of the building, provided with a substantially vertical fascia extending along the eave, furthermore comprising a layer of roofing felt (28) which is supported on the rafters (3), in which between the rafters (3), near the fascia, and the layer of roofing felt (28) a supporting body (13) is placed, which extends in the longitudinal direction of the eave, and keeps the roofing felt layer (28) at a distance from the upper edge of the fascia, in which the supporting body (13) has a lower side (29) which is supported on the upper side (4) of the rafters (3) and has an upper side (31) extending from the upper side (4) of the rafters (3) to above the upper edge of the gutter (6) with a supporting surface for the layer of roofing felt (28), and has a front wall (33) which connects the upper side (31) and the lower side (29) to each other and is situated at a distance from the upper edge of the roof gutter (6) for defining a ventilation passage therewith. <IMAGE>

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