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Method and device for rewinding of yarn packages

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Umwickeln eines gesponnenen Garnkörpers

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Méthode et dispositif pour l'opération de renbobinage de paquets de fil


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To rewind a yarn package, formed at a pot spinner where the spun yarn is laid by centrifugal forces at the inner wall of the spinning pot (4), the winding sleeve (10) has one end to catch the yarn with a surplus length (15) between that end of the sleeve (10) and the drawing unit (1). The surplus yarn length (15) is severed, and removed by suction. The surplus yarn length is severed by cutting, when the spun yarn is held at one end by the rollers of the drawing unit (1) and the other end is held at the yarn body or the sleeve (10) under tension. The cutter is controlled through the relative movement between the sleeve and the yarn guide tube (6), where a rotation axis lies on the theoretical center line on the common longitudinal axes of the sleeve (10) and yarn guide tube (6). The suction, to remove the cut yarn, uses the suction unit to remove lint and debris from the yarn. The cut yarn (15) also be extracted by the suction system (28) at the mobile doffer (26), which also carries the cutter (27). An Independent claim is included for an appts. with at least one cutter to sever the surplus yarn length (15) from the wound yarn body (9), together with a suction system (28) to extract the severed yarn (15). Preferred Features: Each spinning station can have a cutter and suction unit to sever the surplus yarn length (15) for extraction, using the suction unit to extract the lint and debris and/or the suction unit (28) at the mobile doffer (26). The cutter has at least one moving blade, moving in the axial direction of the sleeve (10), or rotating round the axis of a center line formed by the common longitudinal axes of the sleeve (10) and the yarn guide tube (6). The blade has a crown shape. The rotary movement is through a groove at least in a partial spiral, to carry a bolt at the cutting blade. Or the cutter is carried by the mobile doffer (26), which is also fitted with a suction unit (28) to extract the cut yarn waste (15).

Abstract (de)

Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren und eine Vorrichtung zum Umwickeln des auf der Innenwandung (8) der Spinnzentrifuge (4) einer Topfspinnmaschine abgelegten, gesponnenen Garnkörpers (9) auf eine Hülse (10), wobei die Hülse (10) hierfür in die Spinnzentrifuge (4) eingebracht wird. Durch Absenken der Hülse (10) über die Mündung eines Fadenführerrohres (6) hinaus wird der zwischen dem Fadenführerrohr (6) und der Innenwandung (8) der Spinnzentrifuge (4) verlaufende Faden von einem Schlitz im Hülsenfuß erfaßt und der Umwickelvorgang eingeleitet. Dabei entsteht zwischen dem Streckwerk (1) und dem Hülsenfuß ein Spinnfadenrest (15). Um Störungen durch das freie Ende dieses Spinnfadenrestes (15) zu vermeiden, wird der Spinnfadenrest (15) vom Garnkörper (30) und der Hülse (10) abgetrennt und anschließend durch Absaugen entfernt. <IMAGE>

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