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Low specific speed blower rotor

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Gebläserad mit geringer spezifischer Drehzahl

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Rotor de soufflante à vitesse spécifique réduite


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EP 98124090 A 19981218

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[origin: EP1013938A1] The cross section of the impeller blade passage in its last third is smaller in the direction of the circumferential edge or remains constant and in which the thickness of the impeller blade(6) is correspondingly profiled. The blade incidence has a value of more than 40 degrees. The impeller has an overall weight, including the motor, of less than 10 grams with a power capacity of 0.054 Watts. An Independent claim is included for a use for the radial fan equipped with the proposed impeller and which may be for dust collecting and measuring, and breathing air filtration, or in medical fields for breathing equipment and/or ventilated hoods.

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