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EP 1016822 A1 2000-07-05 - Combustion air feeder for high heat release burner of kilns

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Combustion air feeder for high heat release burner of kilns

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Verbennungsluftzufuhr für Ofenbrenner mit hoher Wärmeabgabe

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Distributeur d'air de combustion pour brûleur de four à haute émission de chaleur


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A combustion air feeder for high heat release burner of kilns, particularly for ceramic products, of the type which comprises a combustion chamber (4) in which a tubular stem (7) for feeding fuel in gas form enters, the chamber (4) being connected to a cold air pipe (5); the feeder (1) comprises a first adjustable throttling valve (9) which controls the cold air pipe (5) substantially at the inlet of the chamber (4) and a hot air duct (10) in which the outlet (11) is connected to the chamber (4) downstream of the first valve (9); the hot air duct (10) is provided with a second adjustable throttling valve (12) and the coordinated adjustment of the valves (9, 12) is adapted to determine the flow-rate and/or temperature of the combustion air. <IMAGE>

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