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Protective garment

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Vêtement protecteur


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A protective garment (10) having an outer shell (26) and a thermal liner (28, 56) having a layer of apertured, closed-cell foam material. In a preferred embodiment, the foam material is fire retardant and the layer is bonded to the outer shell, and the garment includes a moisture barrier layer positioned between the foam liner and the wearer of the garment. The closed-cell foam liner is non-moisture absorbent and provides high thermal insulation for its weight and thickness in comparison to prior art thermal liners, so that a relatively thin layer of foam material may be used. Accordingly, the overall weight of the garment is minimised, as is the movement-restricting effect of the liner. The non-absorbency of the foam liner allows the liner to be positioned between the moisture barrier and the outer shell of the garment so that the liner does not restrict flow of perspiration moisture vapor from the wearer to the moisture barrier. The apertures formed in the foam liner promote transport through the liner of moisture vapor from the wearer which passes through the moisture barrier. Such closed-cell foam material may be used both as a continuous thermal barrier extending throughout the garment and/or in selected areas which require additional padding or thermal resistance. <IMAGE>

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