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[origin: WO9918769A1] A cutter blade (13) for mounting on the periphery (14) of a mower disc of a multi-disc type mowing machine and having a first end (17) for mounting pivotably on a peripheral mounting portion (16) of a mower disc, an opposite second end (18) having a cutting edge (19), and a connecting portion (20) interconnecting the first and second ends (17, 18), in which: (a) the cutter blade (13) is formed from an initially flat metal plate; (b) the first end (17) of the blade (13) is substantially flat and has a mounting hole (21) by which the blade can be pivotally mounted on a pivot (16) provided on the disc periphery (14); (c) the second end (18) of the blade (13) is substantially flat and is located in a plane (18a) which is generally parallel to, but spaced a small distance from the plane (17a) containing the first end (17); and (d) the connecting portion (20) is deformed out of the general plane of the plate from which the blade is formed, and so as to space apart the parallel planes (17a, 18a) containing the flat first and second ends (17, 18)) so as to increase the resistance of the blade to loads applied in service. When the cutter blades (13) are mounted on mower discs (10), 11), the blades (13) move through a clearance gap S between the discs in opposite directions, and each blade projects outwardly from the periphery (14) of the respective disc by a sufficient extent so that the tip (13a) of each blade of one disc can overlap with the periphery (14) of an adjacent disc, as seen in plan, during each revolution of the disc; and the blades (13) of the discs (10, 11) are rotatable in respective planes having different heights relative to the ground so as to prevent the blades striking each other as they move through the clearance gap S.

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