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EP 1024560 B1 2003-06-11 - Two-part electrical connector

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Two-part electrical connector

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Zweiteiliger elektrischer Verbinder

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Connecteur électrique en deux parties


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[origin: EP1024560A2] An electrical connector (10) comprising a first part (12) mateable with a second part (14) along an axis (X), the first part including a housing (16) having opposed side walls (18,20) with opposed slide surfaces (28) extending in a direction (Y) substantially perpendicular to the mating axis; a slide member (30,31) making a sliding engagement with the slide surfaces and having a pair of inclined cam surfaces (46); a body member (34) positioned internally of the housing and having through bores (36); and drive means (58,64) on the housing engaging each slide member to slide each slide member relative to the adjacent side wall; the second part including a housing (78) having side walls (80) positionable inside the side walls of the housing of the first part and having through bores (86) a pair of spaced cam followers (84) for sliding movement along the cam surfaces; wherein each slide member has an inclined cam surface (108) extending from its lower edge in a direction substantially parallel to the other inclined cam surfaces; and wherein the first part includes a plate member (100) positioned between the body member and the housing of the second part, the plate member having apertures (102) alignable with the through bores, side edges (104) directed towards the side walls of the housing of the first part, and a cam follower (106) extending from each side edge and slidably engaging the cam surface extending from the lower edge of the adjacent slide member, actuation of the drive means moving the plate member relative to the body member between a fully unmated position in which the plate member is spaced from the body member and a fully mated position in which the plate member is substantially in engagement with the body member. The plate member provides protection for electrical terminals protruding from the body member in the unmated position. <IMAGE>

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