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Ceiling lighting unit and treatment room therewith

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Deckenbeleuchtungseinheit und damit ausgerüsteter Behandlungsraum

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Ensemble de plafonnier et salle de soins comportant un tel ensemble


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Short drum sections, on vertical axes (7,8) and rotatably mounted in a base (4) fixed to the ceiling (1), carry tubular hollow arms (5,6), which, opt., for more convenient maneuvering around ward beds (3), comprise two articulated sections (6a,6b). Vertical columns (9,11), dependent from end fittings on each arm, support ancillary fittings (10) such as trays, cubby-holes, delivery points for fluids, etc., for use by nursing staff. The main structures employ a frame e.g. of steel box-sections within light metal or plastic tubular enclosures, wiring and pipe-work being led through the hollow centers. Light fittings (12,13) for general and spot illumination, replacing conventional ceiling or wall lights, are fixed under the horizontal arms and controlled by switches (14) placed on the ward walls or, opt., on the pendant columns.

Abstract (fr)

L'ensemble de plafonnier, dépendant d'une base d'ancrage à un plafond (1), comprend au moins un bras articulé (5,6) supportant une colonne (9,11) de support d'équipements, au moins un bras comportant au moins une zone (5a;6a,6b) supportant au moins un organe (12,13) d'éclairage vif ou d'ambiance d'une portion de la salle ainsi équipée, typiquement la zone d'un lit de soins (3) appareillé avec lesdits équipements. <IMAGE>

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