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Ventilating device with a slotted duct closable by a pivotable valve element

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Lüftungsvorrichtung mit einem geschlitzten Rohr, die mit einem schwenkbaren Ventilelement verschliessbar ist

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Dispositif de ventilation avec une bouche d'aération à fermeture avec un élément de clapet pivotable


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A ventilating device comprising a housing substantially elongated in the width direction and provided with a slotted ventilating duct which terminates at one end in an outer mouth breaking through a first housing wall part and at its other end in an inner mouth breaking through a second housing wall part, which ventilating duct is at least partly bounded by plate-shaped elements, including a pivotally arranged valve element which is arranged near the inner mouth and can be brought by an operating mechanism from an open position in which the passage of the ventilating duct is at its maximum, via a number of intermediate positions to a position closing the ventilating duct, which valve element is of such design that when the valve element is in an intermediate position the duct passage, viewed in a direction from the outer mouth to the inner mouth, is gradually, that is to say substantially steplessly, reduced by the valve element, as compared with the passage in the open position. <IMAGE>

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