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EP 1028077 B1 2003-06-04 - Sheet guiding device for a printing machine

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Sheet guiding device for a printing machine

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Bogenführungseinrichtung für eine Druckmaschine

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Dispositif de guidage de feuilles pour une machine à imprimer


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[origin: EP1028077A2] The sheet guide has a guide surface along the sheet movement path, with nozzles to be charged with suction air or blown air. The angle of individual nozzles (22) relative to the guide surface (11) is adjustable. The outlet profile of some nozzles is also adjustable. The nozzles are formed by slot-like openings (15) in a wall (12) forming the guide surface and by discs (18) located in the openings. The angle of the discs is adjustable. An air box on the other side of the wall has axial ventilators to supply air to the nozzles.

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