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Environmentally-safe portable apparatus for disposing of cylindrical light bulbs

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Umweltfreundliche, transportierbare Vorrichtung zum Entsorgen von Leuchtstoffrörhen

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Dispositif transportable et sans danger pour l'environnement pour la mise au rebut de lampes cylindriques fluorescentes


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A wheeled portable unitary apparatus (310) is provided herein for disposing of hazardous light bulbs, e.g., fluorescent bulbs. The apparatus includes an open-topped, multi-compartmented container (311) including an upper collection compartment (B), and a lower exhaust compartment (C). A lid (314) is hingedly-connected to, and is adapted to cover, the top of the container (311). The lower surface of the lid is connected to a reduction chamber (A) having an axial inlet means (337) for a cylindrical bulb to be pulverized and an axial outlet means (338) leading to the collection compartment (B) The apparatus includes also an open bottom cylindrical protective guard (323) bounding the reduction chamber (A), a cylindrical plastic insert (323a) which covers the open top of the upper collection compartment (B) and which has an automatically-reclosable central opening therethrough through which the open bottom (338) of the cylindrical protective guard (323) sealingly projects, the upper vacuum chamber (351) including a vacuum hose (346) which is connected between an upper radial outlet port (353) and which extends through the lid (314) to communicate with the reduction chamber (A) to purge any hazardous materials which may be within the reduction chamber (A) into the upper vacuum chamber (351). <IMAGE>

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